Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pubic Service Announcement

No, that's NOT a typo in the title.

I just wanted to post this before I surprise T with breakfast in bed.

Click on the picture to read. Feel free to thank me later.


walrus gumboot said...

Holy Crap, I have three of those things.
I put one on when I want to 'play' that sick fuck from " The Silence of the Lambs"
I look at my naked self in the mirror and chant, over and over "Do you want to pet my pussy?"

It's a great time!

Zanna said...

Why is it that I BELIEVE that?

Dragulf said...

I like the more all natural ones myself. Who need an artificial (superficial?) pussy?

Guess what I'm buying Aunt Flo and Sylvia for Xmas!!!

Zanna said...

Dragulf..there are freaks of nature such as Firecrotch that create a market for such things....although..I can't decide if she was a natural "cougar" or like spanks so eloquently put it "a hollowed out ball sack".

LadyJane said...

I can understand dishwasher safe, but microwave safe??? I'm intrigued.

cock-ninja said...

Tranny and Zanna;

You two of all people.

I can't believe what I read.

See ya.

walrus gumboot said...

I hope your satisfied.
You turned your back on a true friend.

I'd go too, "but I got no place else to go."

Zanna said...

We we didn't turn our backs on was just that Spanks got "spanked" if you will. And I took CNs post of yesterday down as I was contacted as well.

We never EVER once said not to come to our site and have fun posting, etc and shit like that. People can disagree and get over it. That's what adults do, no?

walrus gumboot said...

z- People can disagree and get over it, true.
I don't want to get in a big stink with you about this, because I like you guys. Even though Tranny jumps all over my shit every time I mention I want to eat your snatch with bagels and cream cheese.

See, now I lost my train of thought thinking about cream cheese.

Hopeless-ninja turned me on to Spanks and to you.
I'm forever grateful and loyal to him.
Like I posted at Spanks, it'll all blow over in time.

I raise my whiskey glass and give ninj a toast!!!

LadyJane said...

I've been busy at my sister's wedding this weekend. Wow, things got crazy.

Well, I'm still here, along with my fabulous pussy.

Zanna said...

Thank God you are here Jane! How did you fabulous twatilidge enjoy the wedding?

TrannyGranny said...

Holy dogbarf Batman!!!

Cock Ninja, go look at Spanks site

walrus gumboot said...

I'm not sure if it's been mentioned, but I enjoy clicking on "corndogs" instead of the bland old "comments".

spankcheeks said...

Boy, you hide a couple of those camel toe cups behind the pews at Moose Taint United Methodist Church and people start calling you a pervert.

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