Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Freakshow Joe Still in ICU

It is so heartwarming to see Moose-Taint County come out in droves to support Freakshow with a candle light vigil.

I'm taking a break and getting T some coffee in the hospital cafeteria and took advantage of the wi-fi because we just feel it's important to keep you updated on his status.

He is still in critical condition.

In the meantime, I would like to post another "public service" announcement from Stallion's uncle Guisseppe. Who did NOT enjoy his experience at Hannoush's brother's stand, "All Pork, All the Time and Carpets" this weekend (but who fucking does). Although we are very heavy hearted right now..it is still our duty to provide our updates from "The Taint".


cock-ninja said...

Zanna, I sent Spanks a photo of what might have happened to Freakshow Joe.


cock-ninja said...


Zanna said...

Well, we know what happened...it's just whether or not he makes it...but you can send the pic to our e-mail address in our profile... :)

Dragulf said...

Uncle Guisseppe knows how to tell a fucking story!

T+Z, what happened to Joe? The suspence is killing me!

Zanna said...

Due to respect for his family, we are holding back on the details until we are sure he is in the clear.