Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Winning the War Against Terrorism

Jihad may be afoot, but Hannoush is an asshole. And I think we are close to having him spontaneously combust. As you can see by the "anonymous" posts in the below thread, our subtle, but frequent ridicule have reduced him into a babbling mad-man.

He seemed so composed today at the sno-cone stand. Smiling at the children when they told him the sno-cones tasted like he smelled. Children can be so cruel...and even crueler when T gives them 1.00 each and to harass the fucking camel jockey. And we also had a secret weapon that we cashed in today.

We got hold of a video of Hannoush and his brother's most embarrassing moment as part of the Iraqi Resistance Movement. A moment we played on a loop on our laptop at the corndog stand. ALL FUCKING DAY. And you can clearly see, he's always been a sniveling retard. They wouldn't even let him be a suicide bomer. So much for Paradise and all your virgins, Hannoush. Everyone knows you'd cum in your pants before you got there anyway. Amy from the "Wack-a-Mole" game told us that you roll like that (whassup girl!!!!)

Anyway, Hannoush accused me today of having penis-envy. You know what I said? I said, "Hannoush, I'm GLAD I don't have a dick because then I'd have to fuck losers like you up the ass".

Here is the video of Hannoush being an idiot like usual. God, he's such a dumbfuck he makes me want to throw out all my pita bread.


Anonymous said...

(Sits whistling to himself wondering if he will get run over by a tumble-weed. Prrrr prrrr prrr prrrrr prrrrr prrrrr. Sits alone on rock wondering where everyone went. Picks stick up off ground and begins to widdle while continuing to whistle prrrr prrr prrr prrrrr.)


no answer.



Very Breckian.
Very Pintaresque.

prrrr prrrrrrrrr

(Grabs backpack and walks away kicking dirt and rocks as the wind blows clouds of dust through the lonely Ohio town.)

Prrrrrr Prrrrr prrrrrrrr prrrr prr
prrrr prrrr prr prrrrrrr prrrr prr
prrrrrrrr prrrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

Tuesday July 25, 2006. 8:34 p.m. Zanna: "This is the last time I give you any more of my time."

Tuesday July 25, 2006 8:40 P.m
An entire page dedicated to me!!

And here I thought you were fucked in the head to want to disregard your #1-Fan-In-The-Inverse. I knew you wouldn't let me down. Just think when the end of the world comes we may be the last ones left and you will try pelting me with 8-tracks while I pelt you with delicious sno-cones covered with my fucking feces. Try my new 'Curry' cone ass-heads. If you're going to make fun of someone's culture learn about it first. Dick-wipes!

And I'm still waiting to find out if that's you with the beard Burt???

jane's eyre said...

Holy crap, what a spasmotic psychopath. Z & T, I think this Hannoush guy is just channeling his rage because he's angry at all the molestation he received as a child. It's true. I read a report about how Muslim men are so sexually frustrated because they can't look at women, let alone be alone with a woman who isn't like their mother or sister, so they resort to raping little boys, since they have easy access to them. They hate homosexuality as the Koran condemns it, but somehow they don't see their acts as being homosexual in nature. So we have these generations of boys growing up, being raped, and they in turn grow up full of anger and hate, and rape those younger and weaker than themselves.

So it just might be that this Hannoush is just pissed off because he was so horrifically abused in his youth. So he really deserves your pity. I'm sure that he's going to call me all the names in the book and then some, but that's okay precious, I know you just need a hug. Of the non-sexual nature.

jane's eyre said...


I love your posts, you guys! You have one of the funniest blogs I've ever seen! Woot Woot!

Zanna said...

Oh Jane....you're going to have to come by the corndog stand and see Hannoush in action one of these days. And I think you are VERY VERY right about him.

Anonymous said...

So I'm not your only fan I see. Who is this Jane bitch and bring it on??? It's Spasmodic not Spasmotic and you call me illiterate. Jane, dumbfuck, you have no clue what the middle-easten culture is about you are obviously referring to Turkey. You must be from DUMASSCUS!!!!!!! What the fuck is your deal. You want to fuck with me bitch. I know where you live so shut the fuck up. I will cut off your clitoris and eat it raw in front of you, that is what we do, that is how we treat women in our culture (LOOK THAT UP SHITFACE!!!!). What the fuck do you want to engage in this battle for. Get out of the hard- deck "Maverick" if Tranny can't handle me what the fuck makes you think you can. I will ass fuck you so hard you will wish you were in a Cuban Prison Camp!!!! And as far as boys go there are many many many for me to choose from, because all the females are cut out at conception, filthy worthless bitches, abort them all. I'll beat the shit out of you with my COCK!!! DIE BITCH!!! I'm coming after you.

Anonymous said...


Dragulf said...

I'm surprised you have balls left. Surely they are lost in some middle eastern little boy's ass by now... Isn't that the real reason you sell "sno-cones?" To get some of your manhood back?
Rock on T and or Z :)

jane's eyre said...

Oo, I'm postively shivering in my shoes. Some raving lunatic with internet accesss is threatening me. What is a girl to do? You make me laugh, keep up the good work.

And I have no idea what the middle-eastern culture is about? Hmm, from your posts, I would gather, hate, hate, and hate.

cuterpooter said...

What's a Hannoush? It sounds like it would stink like a camel's dick.

Zanna said...

This is fucking awesome. I can't wait until Tranny gets back from the corndog stand.

You know what Jane....Hannoush is starting to make me laugh too! LOL.

Cuterputer: Yea, that's what the kids were saying about his sno-cones yesterday.

Tranny, the Hannoush Slaying Corndog God!!!! said...

Ok, fuckhole.

I see you have already forgotten your arab roots, has living in the land of the infidal already cast you towards the pit of the "great Satan"? Gyro meat is, in addition to being mainly known as a Greek staple here, common in Lebanon, Syria, Saudi, Iraq.....oh, wait ALL Arabic cuntries. Just because you watched "Lawrence of Arabia" recently doens't mean your camel cunt encrusted lips can speak accurately about Turkey. I bet you think you used to speak Farsi as well, boy-fucker. I am a bit disheartened to learn that the best aspect of your culture is your food, and you already forgot. The worst aspect of MOSLEM culture, whether persian, turkish or arabic is boy rape and female circumcision. I know why you guys cut the clit off, it's cause your "dicks" are so tiny they look like clits and your women never cum till they get to America. And, the men come to America because it is ok to be a queer here...so get the fuck off little boys and go to San Fransisco and try some man-meat.

Jane's Eyre, Dragulf, GREAT to see ya'll as always...Cuterpooter, Welcome, Hannoush, seriosly buy a blow-up boy and watch Malcom in the Middle as boy rape is illegal and wrong in this country.

Zanna: Babe, all this schooling the puppy about his own culture has made me want to play Sultan and the Harem Girl, the way it was meant. You can put on your sexy chador (Ray-ban sunglasses and a thong) and I will brandish my sword at you!

Italian Stallion said...

Wow, this is some crazy talk on here. I personally like my clits attached, these sand niggers just don't know what to do with them so they cut them off. Bunch of fags if you ask me. Of course he posts as anonymous cause he is a little bitch and probably likes to hide in caves with little boys like the rest of his stank ass culture...................

pinky_nip said...

I prefer my clit attached as well, in fact, I'm quite attached to it!

Anonymous said...

Team up on old 'sandy' no problem cock-munchers I'll take ya all on and I don't even need a bomb strapped to my chest. Jane, how does one achieve the act of 'postively' shivering? I think you're postively retarded, BUY A FUCKING DICTIONARY!!!! Cuterpooter: Bend over and I'll show you a Camel's dick, you'll wish you were in a Tijuana Donkey-show when I get through with you. Stallion: there is no comeback for such retardedness. Read your insult a few times and basque in your own gayness. And Tranny. Yes I love little boys as much as you love boy bands, and what I love more is trying to figure out what the word 'doens't' means. Probably something Zanna says to you after you are done embarrassing yourself with your erectile dysfunction. "Doens't worry sweetheart maybe you just drank too much Boone's". And you can refer to me as the Excisor, circumcision of the clitori, infibulation, Pharaonic introcision of the prepuce (hood) of the genitalia. You haven't lived until you've tried a ground clitoris burger ...All Clitoris All the Time and Carpets bitch. I will remain anonymous, or perhaps I can come up with a phony alias like "Tranny" and pretend to have a huge flank and pretend like I'm great in the sack, but I don't need to become you because you do that all ready. Pinky-nip stay away from the Doctor if you prefer your clit attached. You all can fucking. DIE DIE DIE

Anonymous said...


jane's eyre said...

Hannoush, there is a difference between a typo and being illiterate. Or are you so flagrantly stupid that you didn't know that? If I were using words out of context, THEN it would make sense for me to go to a dictionary; as it is, I was using the correct word, I just made a typing error. And if the best you've got is to point out typographical errors, then you seem to be in a losing battle. You cover up by rehashing the same old crap; can you please get something new to say, I need to be amused!

And guess what's REALLY faggoty? Not being man enough (that's right, I said it, you puss-in-boots) to post as anything else but "anonymous".

Hope you blow yourself up when you're making a bomb, you coward. Then you'll find out that Mohammed lied.

Anonymous said...

You are right jane's eyre I am 'flagrantly' stupid. However, I prefer 'egregiously' stupid over flagrant because I am acting this way on purpose you fucking asslicker! What are you talking about amused? I'm not trying to amuse you. If you want to be amused have Tranny post a picture of his convex-wimp-stick. Amuse you... FUCK YOU! I'm going to shove my cock through your neck and fuck your wind-pipe. You want original stay tuned and keep fucking with me. YOU JUST MADE THE LIST. YOUR CLIT IS MINE!!! DIE BITCH DIE!

Anonymous said...


LadyJane said...

Suck your balls??? C'mon, man... try a new insult. We've heard and seen it all... please try to shake it up a bit....

I have never had a problem with religions, other than the fact I am not religious at all. I DO have a problem when fanatics take hold of what they believe is the word of God and distort it to their own gain. This goes for Christians, Muslims, Catholics etc. Anyone who thinks that killing people will get them into heaven is fucking crazy.

That is all I have to say about that.

PS, I am VERY attached to my clit, and so was my hubby's mouth last night....

TrannyGranny said...

Ah yes, the war is one wen theh onnly cummbak maid z abowt speling aarors. Well knoun facktt that eye downt spel wel. Howevver, meye proz is betttur thahn yor proz. Oh, and I believe your attempted insult works better with "concave", check your vaunted dictionary, friend.

Anyhoo, although fun for a day, this is getting boring, fast.

Yo Stallion, WHASSUP!

Lady J...Toast to you my fine friend, that just summed it up.

Italian Stallion said...

"Stallion: there is no comeback for such retardedness. Read your insult a few times and basque in your own gayness."

Thats the dumbest insult I've ever read but considering it is from some sand turd loving camel rider it makes me laugh. And when I say camel rider I mean you fuck camels. All this talk about little boys to throw us off, when your heart is really into fucking desert animals. Let me guess your response, "Suck my balls" right, right? Somebody must have tied your turbin to tight asshole. You might want to loosen that up a little, you know kind of how you loosened that asshole on your camel. I heard you were the first person ever caught fucking a cigarette pack because it had a picture of your boyfriend on it. Camel cigarettes has to be pissed at you for the negative publicity. To bad your not over in the trenches in Iraq, I see a grenade with your name on it. It say's sand nigger. Quick question, are you so into this clit circumcision because yours what cut off at a young age. Or maybe your mad because they mistook your little penis for a clit. Who knows, i'm guessing it was the second one..........later camel fucker

pinky_nip said...

What? I'm supposed to stay away from the Doctor if I want my clit to stay attached? Huh? My doctor has never tried to detach my clit, she only compliments me on what a perfect specimen it is.

You, my sir, are nothing more than a camel jockey with rancid breath and foul B.O. I spit on your turbin.

Oh yeah, and suck my right tit, loser.

ApacheRose said...

Hannoush, maybe you should try tasting a clit that's still attached. All the squirming and moaning of boy-rape, but trust me when I say, nobody will be trying to escape. Oh yeah...

Tranny and Zanna, rock on. I'll never look at a corn dog the same way again.

Anonymous said...

Stallion: Much better writing, but you really have to work on the 'Your' and 'You're' thing. Even Jane's Eyre will agree that that is more than just a typo, it's flagrant stupidity. Also, camel fucking is an olypic sport where I'm from, I don't think there is a more beautiful creature in the world (other than your mom "Italian NAG") and you telling me how I "... loosened my lovely camel's asshole ..." that is a vaulting compliment, if only you knew how big my camel's asshole is and how much 'girth' it takes just to get a flinch out of my sweet princess. And the same goes for your mom, I especially like how her tail doesn't get in the way when ram her hard and spank her with a cattle prod. It's paradoxical that in one instance you would commend my manhood and later try to put it down by calling it little. Get your facts in order and then we'll talk. And tell your mom I'll be over later with oats and her favorite cattle prod.

Pinky_Nip even your insults make you sound cute. I find that strangely erotic. Consider your clit devoured.

Apacherose: Who the fuck are you. You are in way over your head, at least the others have earned a right to comment, and they have also earned the right to be gay fuckwads.

Anonymous said...

And before all you ass-goblins get all giddy over my misspelling of "Olympic", and the way "I ram her hard and spank her with a cattle prod", save it asswipes!!!!!! And yes you can all suck my WHOLE ASS! I know pinky_nip can given what she says she can do to a bottle of Boones.

Italian Stallion said...

Who said anything about you using a dick to loosen it, I was talking about the way you stuff both fists up there. I would love to keep up this arguement with you but I have so much hate for your kind at the moment it is not even funny. I just found out that one of my friends in Iraq was killed yesterday and I'm not really in the mood to joke aroun about this stuff anymore. So say what you want dude, it's the least thing on my mind at the moment. Here's his last e-mail to me you fucking idiot. I dare you to make a joke, I fucking dare you.............

What's up everyone? I hope all is well back in the land of the
>free. First I want everyone to know that I am doing fine. Things here are
>starting to pick up a little. It is interesting to see how trends go
>around here. Our AO (Area of Operation) had been quiet for a couple of
>weeks but now it feels like they are trying everything to get us. Every
>mission I have gone out on this week we have had something blow up on us.
>I must say the worst sound in the world is having an explosion go off by
>your vehicle that was not planed. Last night was no exception. So there I
>was rolling down some unknown street just north of a not so friendly town
>at about 0230. Radio traffic comes over the net from our lovely eyes in
>the sky. There are two apache attack helicopters circling our area which
>always gives you a warm and fuzzy. We'll call them Undertaker.
>"Punisher this is Undertaker over."
>"Undertaker this is punisher, send it over"
>"Roger Punisher we have eyes on you break. Be advised you have activity at
>grid whiskey zulu 123 456 over ."
>"Undertaker this is Punisher that's a good copy break. That is about
>two clicks to our south on this rout break. Do you have any update on the
>situation over."
>Punisher this is Undertaker, IAs found two dead local nationals in the
>road break. On further investigation they were attacked by RPGs and small
>arms fire over."
>"Roger that Undertaker are there American forces on the ground at that
>location over"
>"Negative Punisher a QRF (Quick Response Force) team is on there way."
>"Roger Undertaker thanks for the heads up we will approach with caution."
>"That's a good copy Punisher Undertaker out."
> My team leader yells to me in the back, "Hey Austin get that robot
>ready!" I must say there is nothing like clearing a few dead bodies to
>help pass the time. So I am in the back of the vehicle prepping the robot
>when our first vehicle stops the convoy.
>"Three this is One we have two packages up here in the middle of the road
>"Roger that one can you clear it over?"
>"Negative Three over"
>"Alright One set security up forward and we will have EOD take care of it."
>"Fuck yeah Dirk looks like we are in business" I yell up.
> I pop the gunner's hatch to set up my antenna and turn on my ocu
>(operator control unit). We launch the robot and within minutes I am
>heading down rang. The only problem is my video is about as clear as a
>Baltimore blizzard.
>"Dirk my video is shit! Can you see how far away I am from the items?"
>Dirk flips down his night vision goggles. "Yeah you have about 50 meters
>to go."
>"Well, we need to push closer to the item until we get our video feed back
>"Shit, we are already closer then I want to be to these two items."
>"Well it is either that Dirk or hold on a second. I think there is a bomb
>suite back here that looks like it is just about your size. You
>know how handsome you are in green."
>"That's not funny Austin. Alright moving up."
> So at this point we are much closer to the items then I am really
>comfortable with and that is inside one of the most up-armored vehicles in
>country. As I get on sight I am able to push both the bags together when
>all of a sudden gun fire erupts. So close that the pucker factor just went
>up a level. Over the net comes a very excited sergeant who is yelling over
>the sound of his own 50 caliber. weapon.
>The first lieutenant quickly answers. "One get positive ID on those
>bastards and smokem! Two get up there and help one out!"
>A steady and calm voice rings over the net. "Already on it sir."
>Then the sound of two very large full automatic weapons floods the night
>sky. Then as a good team leader always dose Dirk states the obvious.
>"Austin you need to hurry up!"
>"Ahh, no shit? I am glad you said something Dirk because for the last five
>minuets I have been driving around town trying to make friends."
>Well, ok maybe I did not say that but it is what I was thinking. Instead I
>just bit my tong and agreed. We quickly brought the robot back and place
>the demo in her claws. I race the robot down range and get eyes on the
>target. I begin to place the charge over the two bags when a very large
>explosion drowns out the gunfire. BOOOM! I feel the blast wave overtake
>our vehicle. Every muscle in my body tenses up. At the same time my
>screen goes black.
>Dirk yells back "Was that ours?"
>"Hooooly shit!" I say to myself.
>"Talk to me Austin!"
>"Those fucking bastards blew up my robot!
>Dirk calmly tells me, "Yeah, Austin that's going to be a case of beer"
>"I can't believe they blew up my robot. God that sucks!"
> Then as soon as all the fighting started it was over. Dirk and I
>raced up to the robot and jump out. After completing our search of the
>area we grab what is left of the robot. I was actually surprised at how
>well it weathered the blast. It was missing the arm but besides that it
>looked pretty good. I remember thinking I have never seen it so clean.
>The blast from the explosion literally peeled away all the dirt. Then my
>sense go on high alert as sporadic gun fire starts to pop off in the
>distance. I grab the robot and take cover behind our vehicle. Over my
>head set from my personnel radio I hear vehicles identifying small arms
>fire to our three o'clock Dirk yells over to me, "Austin get that robot
>back in the truck and lets get buttoned up!"
>I quickly respond, "Roger that Dirk!"
>Then Dirk gets on the radio and contacts the platoon officer.
>"Three this is Cougar we are buttoned up and ready to go over."
>"That's a good copy Cougar."
>Then the platoon officer contacts the first two trucks in our convoy.
>"One and Two this is Three do we have positive ID on that gunfire over"
>"Three this is One that is a negative; break. That gun fire is moved out
>"All vehicles this is Three we still need to clear this rout and this town
>break. Gunners stay vigilant and if you get positive ID on a threat you
>smoke them."
>We finished the night out quietly. It turns out that the IAs cleaned up
>there own dead bodies which was fine with me. The next morning I dropped
>the robot off to the shop and had it back after lunch.
> Well everyone this message is a lot longer then I thought it was
>going to be. Things remain interesting out here. I need to take off and
> get ready for another night on the town. Take it easy and I will keep in
> -Austin

ApacheRose said...

"Earned the right to comment"?

It just so happens, dimwit, that this is the first time in weeks I've not been boffing the hell out of a particular special someone. I'm not fucking happy to to have my cunt unfilled by that glorious cock, either, and if the separation lasts long enough that the rug burns on my knees and the mattress imprint on my back start to fade, I'm going to be an even bigger bitch.

Jane's Eyre and Tranny know exactly who I am, and likely so does pretty much everyone else here. Trust me when I say I have "earned the right" you obnoxious idiot.

And Stallion, I'm so sorry. That's horrible.

Zanna said...

Oh man, Stallion...that's horrible. I'm really sorry. I'll be very serious for a moment and offer up a prayer for your friend.