Friday, July 28, 2006

Music to Dip Corndogs By

Oh this wasn't going to happen eventually? We already have "Granny Gear" that we sell at the stand. I mean, who DOESN'T want a thong with a corndog on the front? It's our hottest seller.

Here's the T&Z imix album: Music to Dip Corndogs By. It's a very bizarre compilation. And, as you can see, it has an average rating of 5 stars. But it only has one vote. And that was me.

There are only 9 songs right now but it's kind of you say in english...a "living imix" so it'll update as the blog progresses. Its basically just songs that we have linked to on this site (will have to add "where is the love" later) and some that will be linked eventually. You know you don't want it. It's crap. But you want to see it. So click here.


jane's eyre said...

Does it come with a packet of ketchup and mustard?

Oh, and a suggestion on your gear--the corndog should have T&Z spelled out in ketchup and mustard, as should "The Grannys". I wonder what really talented photoshop wiz might be able to do that for you? Hmm. *tapping chin with finger*

And what happened to your profile? It's gone.

zanna said...

Do you mean YOU you mean you you little photoshop wiz?

Yea, the profile was gone but it's back now. Some quirky shit I guess.

jane's eyre said...

Have you seen Tranny's Star Wars pic I did for him? But I'm not sure if he'd want you to see it, he still wants to marry you and everything.

zanna said...

Yes, I saw that!!!

Dragulf said...

What? Oil wrestling babes on tv ya say? Oops, uh, Hi! :)Music? uhh, Great!
BTW, I sent that Jesus movie to my sister and she had a cow. Told me it was sacreligious and everything. Made my fucking day!
I went to my parents today and mom was making yogurt. Bleargh! She asked me if I minded if she put it on top of the 'fridge. I told her to stop asking me stupid question every 5 minutes.

P.S. How about battered tater-tots, on a fraking stick, of course!