Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jimmy is back from "sabbatical"

Well, a few posts ago, you might remember that Jimmy has been MIA. We did set a trap for him in the woods, with a pack of turkey bologna and a six pack of Canadians under it but he never showed. Which worked out because we ran out of beer at the festival and went back and got them before they skunked.

Jimmy re-appeared at the festival a new man...telling T he was on "sabbatical". T told me later the "sabbatical" was really just the time the cops had Jimmy in protective custody but that Jimmy thought it was detox and now felt he was clean and sober enough to start drinking again. You know, a fresh start.

Well Jimmy wanted to celebrate that he was now born-again and he went and got some fireworks. He might have been born again but alls I know is he was born again stupid. If we knew this show was going to happen, we would have sold corndogs at it. Maybe even Cornbasa. You can see T at one point start towards the clusterfuck but then stops. You can hear me ask, "Is that Jimmy's truck" near the end to which some little kid gleefully replies, "YEA!"

Fuck those coordinated, orchestrated fireworks...this HERE is entertainment. Man I fucking love this town.


LadyJane said...

That was one fun fucking night....

Really glad I decided to not finish off my 40 pounder of Canadian Club before the cuntastic fireworks display. Although I made short work of it after.

Corndogs, by the way, go REALLY well paired with whiskey.

Dragulf said...

Of course they do Ladyjane, they are "man's best friend!"

Zanna said...

I'm so fucking glad everyone is on the Corndog train...and by that I mean...I don't know what I mean but I'm still glad!!!

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