Monday, July 17, 2006

Jesus Needs a New Mechanic

As you all know, Jimmy our mechanic has a very special bond with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Being that T and I are still feeling guilty about the time we freaked him out with the "I will Survive" Jesus Video (which we thought would cheer him since he was still shook up from the "monster pig" incident).

So when we came upon this article, we HADTO show it to Jimmy. Turns out Jesus Cristo (pronounced in my head at the current moment as HEY-SUESS CREEE-STO so read it that way) is looking for a new mechanic because Gus Feigurt is an asshole.

Which first of all, can I just say, even I knew not to go to Gus Feigurt when I jacknifed the Pinto that time and knew it was better to go with the wierd guy at the deli who turned out to be Jimmy. But it just goes to show you know one really knows what the fuck is up when it comes to mechanics. So anyway, T brought the article to Jimmy. And now I'm not sure if we did Jimmy a favor or not. It's not every day you get to work on Jesus' ride..and Jimmy only works on domestic..and we're kind of thinking J.C. drives a foreign car.

So I'd like to just say, J.C., if you are reading this...please give Jimmy a chance. He's a little wierd but he means well. And thank you for helping us win the corndog competition. And bless T and all the "Corndogians" that stop by the stand and the people who read and post comments on our site. And if you could please kill Hannoush the guy with the sno-cone stand, I would appreciate it. Amen.

To read Jesus' rant, click here. And fuck you Gus Feigurt!


spankcheeks said...

Hey Zanna!

I republished my blog with a new template right before we packed up the computer, and I realized that it didn't save any of my customizations! I tried to type the links from memory, and I was extra pissed about having to completely reinstall my sitemeter, and totally forgot to add y'all back. Anyway, I'm at my in-laws, and won't be back home till next week, but I will rectify that POST HASTE!

I hope we aren't broken up!!!

Zanna said...

No Daaahling...we are not broken up!! I'm glad you had a safe trip and look forward to talking to you soon!!

LadyJane said...

Wow, I never knew Jesus was online.


zanna said...

Dahhing, he's not just online..He's EVERYWHERE..and he's HOT. And he likes moonlit walks by the beach and vodka and gingerale.

Trish said...

Your corndog competition was super cool. Congrats!..

Anonymous said...

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