Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hurricane Sylvia is En-route

Well, T just sat on the Pinto and went through the mail. We got a letter from the Kingston Gated Community with a video in it. Turns out, Aunt Flo has a sister..and her name is Sylvia, and Sylvia has been getting her bitch on with the neighbors at The Kingston. And the "association" has had a meeting and got her evicted. So, Sylvia and all her fucking doilies, efferdent and plastic covered furniture are heading in our general direction with an ETA of Saturday. Batton-down the corndog stand, because Hurricane Sylvia is en-route.

So I looked at this video a few times and I'm like, So..what..you call the cops on an old lady because she tried to burn your house down? Fucking SUCK IT UP. If I was old and some hoity toity bitch talked to me the way this chic is talking to Sylvia, I'd try to burn your house down too. Becuase I'm old and I was there first and I invented fire so I'll do what I want with it.


Dragulf said...

I dunno why but Sylvia drives me crazy. I want her so badly!

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