Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Billie Ronda's Famous Bourbon Franks

T and I don't like to post anything about hotdogs that's not battered and fried, but this sounded like a good recipe so I'm going to post it because we've got some Rachel Ray haters coming to the site and they probably would like to see a recipe or two. This is and EVOO Free recipe, bitches! Enjoy!

So, I was at the monthly "Ladie's Luncheon" yesterday and sat with Miss Billie Ronda (she's the one in front of the stuffed fox) and her daughter-in-law Felicia when we got to talking about the corndog stand and she told me about this recipe. And I'm not surprised it contains alcohol. I'm pretty certain that's a main staple in her diet. I'm going to write it verbatim as it is on the napkin she scrawled it on, except my comments on using 100% beef hotdogs and the hot tip on how refrigeration prevents food poisoning.

1/2 cup good bourbon whiskey
1/2 cup tomato ketchup
3 tsp dark brown sugar
1 lb franfurters (Billie Ronda didn't say they had to be all beef but it's what T and I recommend)

Stir together bourbon, ketchup and sugar in a pan set over low heat. Now put the heat up, but don't let it boil. Cut franks into bite-size pieces and add. Stir a bit, cover the pot and let sit on the back of the stove overnight (T and I recommenend putting it in the refrigerator overnight though - being in the food biz we're kind of sticklers like that). Next day, when you've got folks coming, just heat it up again without it bubbling. Then you've got yourself something - just make sure you've got toothpicks and a load of napkins for the drips. Toothpick 'em. Put on tray and surround with saltines.

And just for the record. Something just dosen't feel right when you are eating lunch next to something that's been taxidermed. I don't know if that's the correct word for it. I should ask T and wait to publish this but I'm not going to. You know what I mean.

Update: Just saw Jimmy at Bunghole Liquors taking a leak on the side of the building, so I stopped to chat. Turns out that stuffed fox wasn't a centerpiece or table decoration. It's Billlie Ronda's "cat" and she takes it everywhere with her. I guess Jimmy was supposed to taxiderm her real cat when it died but it's body got stolen (T said Jimmy got drunk and did something to it with fireworks) and he replaced it with the fox and she doesn't even notice the difference. I can't wait to get old and not give a fuck anymore.


pinky_nip said...

Bless you! I'm having a party this weekend and needed a little "somethin' special". Nothing says uppercrust like weiners and bourbon! LOL!

Dragulf said...

"The hot tip on how refrigeration prevents food poisoning."

Wow, I never thought of that before. You might save some of my relatives with that tip Zanna! No more 3 day old (on the picnic table) mayonaise! Uncle Bud died but well he was a pervert and no one misses him.

I think it's "taxidermied"

She can't see very well anymore and well, it smells the same so ...

Anonymous said...
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