Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wave "adios" to the Stray Mexican...

And say hello to fucking "Aunt Flo" and the INS.

It's been an eventful night, I will say that much. I closed down the stand and came back only to log on to the blog and see that we FINALLY had a comment. Dare I say out loud, that when I saw "1 Comment" under the "Turkey Bologna" post my nipples got hard. It's true. Then I clicked on it and hey immediately inverted upon reading about my Darling husband-to-be's "situation".

I'm not getting into it here but he better have a good explanation.

I'd like to take a moment to give a shout out to "leslie b ann" (cute handle, Les...) for the "hot tip" of the evening! (and Tranny, now you know who to blame for you not getting any tonight - fucker!)

So, anyway I went to go post back to Les but I heard something outside. Hearing the rapid amble under the guise of night....I knew instinctively.....trouble was afoot. (ha ha..where the fuck did THAT eloquence come from?).

And a sure as a hole in a goat, it was (I need to trust my womanly instinct more). I ran out just in time to see the Stray Mexican looking strangely alert and cunning. His eyes were wide, his ears were alert.

He was in trouble.

I've seen this look only once before. I was frozen in terror. But somehow, by the GRACE OF GOD, had the fortitude to lift that 40 to my lips.

Fear parches me.

This was all too reminiscent of the time Pedro got popped. Tranny has never gotten over it and has longed for a new Mexican ever since. I don't have to tell you..you know the story...

As I stared at Stray...I could see red and blue lights reflecting in the whites of his eyes as peered out from the fernage.

It was then I realized that it was all over but the crying. And as they took Stray away, this song started to play in my head...

And as pissed off as I am at Tranny right now.. I'm just glad he wasn't here to see this.

Mi corazon es muy triste, ahora. Porque del situacion del Tranny, y este situacion con "el stray".

Oye Como Va and Chimichanga. Taco. Salse Verde.


Anonymous said...

Wow, i understood almost nothing about your blog (which I stumbled accross by sccident), but i'm thrilled it gives me a view into a life so different from mine. I don't know who or what the Stray Mexican is (a guard dog??) or what that guy is doing with his hands on his head. Now I'm going to check all the cans of whipped cream I buy to make sure they still have nitrous in them (here a consumer's life is much less harazdous as the kids buy the seperate 'bombs' of NOS you use to whip cream yourself, but then I guess that assumes one has $$$). Thanks for making my day a little more random and a lot more interesting. Emma from New Zealand

Ari said...

Holy fucking hell... you two are disturbed!!! Hahahaaa.....

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