Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Turkey bologna not the only deal at the deli today

Geico is giving us 600.00 to get the Pinto fixed. Which is good since we only paid 150.00 for it. The hard part now is finding someone to work on it.

And then I ran into Jimmy at the supermarket where he was doing Whippits in the corner by the deli. I got my number (I love it when I get 69 - these are the little things that just MAKE my day) and that's when I saw him sucking out the nitrous from the containers of whipped cream.
(Oh, and a side note: don't you hate when you are in the supermarket and they have that canned music and one of those wicked fucking cheesy songs gets stuck in your head like this one..)

Anyway, yadda yadda and blah blah blah, turns out Jimmy has his own "garage" in the woods. I asked him for his number but he said he'd have to call us because he's "living in his car" right now. So, I gave him Tranny's cell number and a half a pound of turkey bologna and called it a deal. But essentially, it'll be up to the T-man.

*sky rockets in flight....afternoon delight...* DAMNIT GET OUT OF MY HEAD.


Leslie B Anne said...

Ya know Zanna, ya cain't marry Tranny till his divorce is final from our Aunt Flo....you might want to check in with him 'bout that unfortunate sit'ation...

Zanna said...

Leslie B Anne what is this about an "aunt flo?" Ohh, you know...you think you know someone...wait..I have to go...there is something moving in the bushes...I'll be back.

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