Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tossing for Buddha

Ok I had to come clean about the whole panty incident, and not by choice, either. While Z was asleep last night, I saw Budddha Land Amusement Park, and pulled into the parking lot for the night, we have to go check it out. Anyplace that bills itself "Terrify your way to the one, true light" is ok by me, and Zanna loves coasters.

We woke up on the hood of the Pinto, refreshed and rarin' to go, went back to Corndog trailer, opened the door, and.....Out jumps Freakshow Joe, screaming "Take this, corn-crotch!!!" and covers the two of us in silly-string, before escaping into Buddha Land.

I explained to Z that I had caught the little bastard red-handed, deep frying the panties, but I let him go for 2 reasons:

A: I was laughing so hard at him standing on 3 crates of cornmeal I couldn't beat his ass, and

B: Well, she did stuff him in a dryer, shower him in Miracle-Grow, video him dancing naked and made him carry us shots of Jaeger on his head until she finally passed out. (She is so cute when she is unconcious, all sprawled in every direction, looking vulnerable)

I told him it would be our secret, but as everyone already knows, Never Trust A Midget. I forgot about the 1/2 life of their mini-promises.

Anyway, I bet he is hiding around either the Self-Immolation Mine Ride, 7-Fold Gate of Death or the Sherpa This! Free Fall. And, I totally want to see what the Deli-Lama is selling for lunch, may have some good ideas. Can't wait for the place to open, dare-devil rides and a midget to toss.


jane's eyre said...

I want to go jump in the Buddha's Belly Bouncer!

Leslie B Ann said...

Ohh ooh ohhh! The Reincarnation Rollercoaster is the BEST. Be ready for the frequent Peaks and may barf...It is the longest, twisting, ride I've ever been on...still on...

jane's eyre said...

Tunnel of Transcendence.

Anonymous said...

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