Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tequila and Tobacco

Holy shit what a night! I am so glad Aunt Flo came down from the trailer park to meet Zanna, all is good in the world. I can't believe they managed to do tandem keg-stands, what a sight to behold. Although Aunt Flo's skirt piling around her head brought back a few emotional scars I was trying to bury. Zanna was smoking Backwoods, A-Flo unfiltered Camels, I was snorting Copenhagen. Z tried to tell me to chew it, but I can read, it says "snuff" right on the can. Then the Cuervo came out. Flo was trying to show some ol' dance moves from her days waitressing at the "Dirty Pole" back in Amarillo. Zanna started telling jokes her mom had taught her, in Cubanese. And I, well folks, lets just say that no matter how big the umbrella, that flying shit from "Mary Poppins" was total special effects.

Well, I better stop puking into my coffe, it's going to be a busy day, I have to get on that crack-head mechanic about the Pinto, we need to be to Michigan International Speedway in 3 days, and the Corndog trailer isn't pulling itself.


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