Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Take the Long Way Home

We're at the Starbucks/Barnes And Noble bookstore making a pitstop right now. So, I'm having an espresso and he's in getting a Rand McNally map. They have wi-fi here so I thought I'd sit down and post a little something.

True to one of my favorite Supertramp songs, we're taking the long way home (that harmonica riff gives me the chills and makes me close my eyes and rock my head back and forth like Stevie Wonder). Anyway, this trip feels like a vacation.

Last night we stopped at Wal*Mart to watch American Chopper in the sight and sound department. We got a couple of chairs out of lawn and garden and kicked back. I love how people look at us when we pull that shit. Anyway, they were out of Pemmican Beef Jerkey and we had to settle for Oberto brand. Which T was not happy about but I told him, I said..."baby..if beef jerkey is the only thing you have to worry about right now, then we're doing GOOD".

That's when I noticed he was getting a hard-on. So in my usual sexaaaay-style I said, "oh, no baby..it's swelling up...maybe you have an infection...I think I need to suck out the poison".

Then we went into sporting goods and did it in the tent. BOING CHICKA BOING BOING. When we were done, I'm thinking I have him where I want him...you know in the "afterglow" and this might be a good time to hit him up on why my panties were all in that corndog batter. I'm figuring while we are at Wal*Mart I could probably get some new ones. So I asked him...and all he did was smile that evil little grin, kiss me on the forehad, put his pants back on and walk back out into Sight and Sound.


Between that and this American Chopper Build a Bike game I am starting to get a little....mad. Not midget-melee mad, but you know? I have a right to know why my panties were in corndog batter, don't I???


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