Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

<<----- (Map we got to tell us where to put the trailer). It's Sundayl We got here to Michigan, oh I'd say early this morning around 2:00 am. My baby is so tired..he insisted on doing all the driving (probably because the LAST time I drove, I turned the pinto on it's side). So this morning I thought I'd give him a little extra "sumpthin' sumpthin' to relax him and set the day on a positive note. (insert porn music here)

I guess there was some crazy shit going on here last night and the fried dough guy said he made a killing yesterday - more than he's ever made at the MIS (Michigan International Speedway). And the crazy shit I mentioned?...we heard (to T's MAJOR delight) that there has been some midget gang-warfare in the area. So I just backed up our digital camera photos and made room for what could be....some of the best fucking photo ops ever.

We've got a very busy day ahead of us. I'm considering deep-frying Snickers bars. No one is doing them here. The return on investment would be huge. We can charge 4.00 for what costs us about 1.30 to make.

Gotta go....I have to go put up the "CORNDOG, MAN'S BEST FRIEND" signs all around. T is out right now in the parking lot putting them on windshields so I better have SOMETHING accomplished by the time he get's back.


jane's eyre said...

What about deep-fried Twinkies? They serve them outside my work when Route 66 comes to town. My arteries clog up just looking at them, so I'm always scared to try one.

Leslie B. Ann said...

Zanna, sorry for making things hard-on you and Tranny before. I shur am glad that the two of you worked out the "Aunt Flo" problem. Anyhoo Try the deepfried Oreos. MMMMMMMMM

Anonymous said...

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