Monday, June 12, 2006

Stray Mexican

Boy, I sure can't wait until Zanna gets back the Dollar General Store...hmm, she has been gone a while....

Anyway, I was walking around the racetrack today, and I saw a stray Mexican roaming around the back alleyway. He had that semi-feral look in his eye they get, right after crossing the border, but before they get employed for $3 an hour or 50 cents a bushell. I bet if the two of us sneak down there around dusk, we can coax him out of hiding with a corndog dipped in Ranch Style Beans. She is always so good at getting them to eat right from her hand quickly. I've been a little distraught, ever since the INS put Pedro in the Pound, but with a little luck, we may yet get a Brand New Mexican. I bet this one has teeth!

I hope Zanna gets back to corndog stand soon, I can hardly wait to see the look of wonder in those beautiful, Nascar/Tranny lovin' eyes!


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