Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Small Incident at Noon

The most awesome thing happened today! Zanna and I got to witness high-noon midget warfare! I would have paid for a show like this!

The Mini-Crips showed up from Lower South Central, at the exact same time the Half Pint of Bloods arrived from Little 8-Mile. Both gangs were intent on one goal: Stealing those tiny sportscars the Shriners are driving at an exhibition at the track.

They were all swaggering, and drinking 6 ouncers, words were exchanged, tempers flared, they were very short with each other. In a small amount of time pocket knives and tricycle chains were pulled, and a general melee ensued. Z and I were jumping up and down with excitement, you should have seen those tiny little guys go after each other. We saw a midget toss another midget!!! The Shriners managed to escape during the confusion, I hope those pics of their terror-filled flight from a carpet of munchkins come out. After a little while, the security guards showed up, but most of the mini-gangsters were already hiding in spare tires and flower pots.

The regular midget population, bless their tiny souls, refuse to let this incident tarnish the sporting event. They are buying mini-dogs, small fries and deep fried Snickers Bites, Zannas newest invention. Those things are gooey-delish. As a bonus, for at least this race, people have larger than usual smiles on their faces. Z refuses to waste anything, so we are using the shroom' oil to fry things until it runs out....

This is one of the many reasons I can't live without her; great ideas and a rockin' chassis.


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