Saturday, June 10, 2006

Pimp my Pinto

Usually, I just say that to Tranny when I want to get it on.

I was at Walmart this morning getting some more Aqua-Net and I saw this ROCKING Pinto. Me and Tranny have one and everynight we lay on the hood and fantasize about how we're going to trick out our second best investment ever (first best, Corndog trailer).

So, I'm thinking about pimping out the Pinto as a wedding gift for him. The way I figure it, just because he's marrying me doesn't mean he'll love me forever. But with a tricked out Pinto like this....fuck yea..he'll love me forever and then some. And so will his friends. And everyone that comes to the stand.

And what else is good about this - the gas tank is too far up to hit, virtually eliminating any chance of me and my man going up in a blaze of Pinto Glory.


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