Monday, June 12, 2006

Owing T-Man

Okay..I should have called Tranny. But I was too busy trying to think of what to put on that fucking police report AND being COMPLETELY bullshit at the manager and the clerk at the Family "Dollar" Store. I have a RANT about Family Dollar. If it says DOLLAR everything in the store should be a DOLLAR, right? But it's not...there is stuff in there for like 10.00 - it's bullshit.

But I digress...

I knew I was in trouble when I walked up and saw Tranny just standing where the Pinto usually is. By this time of night we are usually laying on it drinking our 40 and dreaming about better things. I didn't call, I'm never this late. He was so cute scratching his beard and just standing there doing nothing. Can I just tell you how cute he is when he doesn't know you are looking?

Then he saw me walk up. Sans Pinto. Nothing worse than seeing him adjust his glasses to MAKE SURE he's seeing what' he's seeing. I saw that "There you are
"happy face" morph into the, "wherethefuckisthecar" face.

Well, make a long story short - because I "wrecked" the Pinto, (and "wrecked" is in parenthesis because "wrecked" implies it will never be fixed again - and it will be..) now I HAVE to go and lure out this Mexican he found skulking around today. I'm like, "I thought that was what we were going to do on our honeymoon" and he's all like, "You owe me, now Zanna".

Fine he didn't really SAY it..but the way he looked at me said it. And maybe it's just my imagination because I'm feeling so guilty. Fuck it. I'll go try to find the mexican and lure it out.


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