Tuesday, June 13, 2006

On The Road Again

If you told me yesterday that a corndog with string cheese combined with the mellow sounds of Steve Miller would make me feel like my world has gone back on it's axis I would have told you to fuck off. And if I did that, I would have to apologize because it's exactly what happened. Tranny woke me up to this Corndog creation and the fact he took the time and ate it with me...well, I know he's not mad at And I'm glad he's not down with the Mexican in the bushes.

So, we needed to get a temporary ride while the car is in the shop. We looked online and found this sweet machine for cheap money. Tranny said from now on I have to wear my long pants when I ride "The Beast of Burden". I looked at him kind of confused and then he said, 'NO NOT WHEN YOU'RE ON ME..."

Anyway, we rode 'the Beast' home. I only got 4 splinters in my thigh and one in my ass.

ha ha...I just had an idea. I saw a "scratch and sniff" bumper sticker at the Family Dollar yesterday. I'm going to go get it and put it on the part of the bike where I sit.

You know what? I'm the funniest girl I know!


spankcheeks said...

You guys are fuckin' hilarious! I bask in your white-trash splendor and grovel at your snakeskin boots.

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