Monday, June 26, 2006

J.K. Rowling is a Crazy Bitch

Right. I just read on the Yahoo! news that J. K. Rowling has considered killing off Harry Potter in the last book. WHAT?

Everyone knows that magic, house elfs, basilisks, giblets of fire, (I ADORE Bbq giblets) all of that no longer happens, and that shit only happened during the Middle Ages. Thusly, Harry Potter is an historical documentary, not a work of fiction as Rowling has come to believe. I don't know where the fine line between brilliant historian, and psycho nut job lays, but JK has clearly crossed it.

I understand that certain historians get a bit to attached to their work, but seriously, an historian as driven as Rowling? Someone who has made history accurate and fun enough that even children wish to read it, again and again? For shame, Rowling, for shame, you no more have the "power" to "kill off your creation" than I have the power to pull bong hits with Ghengis Khan and Cleopatra. And how cool would that be?

Well in other news, Zanna has gone to the Piggly Wiggly to buy a whole pound of Turkey Bologna, she has this idea to lure Jimmy out, Bugs Bunny Style, and catch him in a box. The plan becomes a bit hazy as to what to do with him then, but I just want her to be happy. And, watching her bent over, tying string to a stick, to pull out the box makes ME happy. Cause those are some short shorts. And it takes her forever to tie a knot. And she doesn't mind me coming up behind her, to "help with this little bit of string you got here"

I am a lucky, lucky bastard


spankcheeks said...

It took me three or four comment posts on your blog to realize that I could set up my comments up in a much more convenient fashion. Zanna, you truly are a computer whiz, as Tranny has proclaimed on many occasions!!


Dragulf said...

Tranny and/or Zanna, you guys rock! I loved the mini gangsters and deep fried snickers!

LadyJane said...

OK: geeky theory here: Dumbledore made Snape kill him in the last book, because he'll be somehow more powerful dead... and it made it look as though Snape was truly on Voldemort's side (to prove to Voldemort and make it easier for Harry to defeat him)... Snape, although a slimy cunter, might truly be on the good side of the fight... I just hope Harry nails Hermione one night after eating magic mushrooms.

Saucie said...

This weblog will not be complete until the Grannys make a road trip to the mecca that is Graceland.


LadyJane said...

This weblog will not be complete until Zanna and I 69 eachother while Tranny films it all for your YouTube delight.

jane's eyre said...

---begin nerd transmission--

Oh ho, ladyjane, are you one of those Harry-Hermione shippers still clinging to the hope that they will get together in the end? I think it was pretty clear in the last book that Ginny was the girl for him.

--end nerd transmission---

TrannyGranny said...


I am hoping Hairy, Her-Moan and All Ginned up and Ready To Pah-Tay eat those shrooms and get it on in a nasty 3-way, maybe with a Dementor on hand to "Suck the Happy Out" at the right time.

Lady Jane;

Talk to the woman in charge, but I will SO get a video camera. Cause I'm a giver.

Anonymous said...

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