Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jimmy Comes Through

Zanna and I are STOKED!!! We got a call from Jimmy bright and early this morning, he was talking a mile a minute, but I eventually understood the Pinto was done. We walked out to the "garage", and there it was, whole again, and purring like a mountain lion ear deep in deer guts!

Jimmy had taken the duct tape and cotton balls off his damaged goods to let them air....eeww, I hope he travels south for the winter, things could be bad with no pants around here. Time to payup, Zanna was starting to count the fat Geico cash out when the following conversation ensued:

Jimmy: "Nooo, dudes, that is what the Maaaan wants."
Tranny: "We owe you for fixing the Pinto."
Jimmy: "I'm all about the barter system, man."
Zanna: "I think he wants more turkey bologna, T."

In the end we wound up paying for the parts in cash, 2/3rds of a lb. of turkey bologna, a sack full of corndogs, the socks Zanna was wearing and we deep-fried the rest of his bag of shrooms. I asked Jimmy if he was worried about the deep frying taking away some of the "magic" of the mushrooms, and his reply was "Dude, you don't get it, now, even the shrooms will be Fried!"

Can't argue with logic like that.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you made an excellent deal with Jimmy. :)

How's the ride to Michigan going? All set to go already?


LadyJane said...

Sweet tap-dancing Christ on a pogo stick.. I do believe I pee'd my pants. Lemme check....

Yep, I pee'd my pants.

jane's eyre said...

Oo, now I'm hungry for something deep-fried.

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