Thursday, June 29, 2006

Corndog Trailer is Gonna Rock the Home Field

Well, the town Z and I live in may not be as exciting as Indianapolis, or even Jacksonville, but our city council pulls something out of their ass every once and again. This time it is a 4rth of July music festival they are calling "The First Annual Musical Bridge Festival" I don't know who came up with that stupid name, but it is a 4-day punk rock/reggae spectacular. On the reggae side they brought in Burning Branch, Rusted Root, Shanti Groove and the Kenny Rastas are Roasted. I only heard the first few names on the punk end before I was hollering with excitement, and didn't catch the rest: The AB Fucking Hates You Revival, Rancid and The Drop Kick Murphy's!!!! They also said "Manny Moore" would be playing, but I've been to a zillion concerts those cats were supposed to play at, and I've never seen them take the stage.

I'm not sure what an influx of hippies mixed with a contigent of skinheads will be like, but Corndog Trailer is ready with some easy-to-hold while moshing or groovin' food.

The 'Murphys! I can't believe it! I gotta go dig my kilt out of storage, I hope Zanna didn't modify it into that school girl uniform she was parading around in last night. And by "parading", I mean gyrating. For all of 15 seconds until I could get to her.


jane's eyre said...

Tee hee! Drop Kick Murphy's! I've never heard them, but I pass by this 4X truck all the time that has a sticker of them, and it always amuses me.

I have a cat named Drop Kick, The Cat That Could Fly.

tarjamarja said...

Tranny, do keep in mind what you're supposed to wear under a kilt - absolutely nothing!

Hope it will be a windy day. ;)

spankcheeks said...

If Jethro Tull isn't playing, I'm not there. Woo-hoo AQUA LUNG!!!!

LadyJane said...

Hi. Is this the sex-addict help line? I seem to have a corn dog lodged, um, somewhere.

It kinda hurts.

What should I do?

I think Tranny and Zanna have me too fired up.

LadyJane said...

Oh, wait, never mind I got it. Thanks, sweetcheeks, do you need any mustard for that now?

spankcheeks said...

As a matter of fact, Lady Jane, I do have some mustard. I keep it right here in my back pocket for just such emergencies.
Now use your teeth and fish it out.

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